10 Reasons WHY to become affiliate marketer

10 Reasons WHY to become affiliate marketer

10 reasons to make money online as an affiliate marketer

Although there are dozens of advantages to affiliate advertising furthermore to freedom and straightforwardness, listed below are my prime 10 reasons to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

1. One of the best reasons is to be yourself a boss.

Imagine being in a situation that you do not have to get up early, so you do not have to worry if you’re stuck somewhere in the traffic and possibly losing your job. Imagine yourself in a situation that you do not have to worry about getting a salary for the job done at the end of the month, imagine yourself in a situation where you are organizing your own life, your work, and your leisure time.

Affiliate Marketing is a job that will provide you with exactly that. And much, much more, and internet earnings will become an additional source of revenue for you.

2. You can start without a penny!

Above subtitle is a definite truth. I am living example for that. I went to this without a penny and with very little knowledge. I’m still learning. You can also do the same.

To get started you need a free blog on one of the blog service and you can start. Of course, you will be quicker and easier to succeed if you have the resources to invest in an affiliated job, but even then you will have to work hard until you completely master this job.

3. Membership in affiliate networks and affiliate programs is completely free!

Yes, you read well. Membership in the affiliate network or affiliate program you choose will cost you nothing. Not only that, almost all affiliate programs have a lot of promotional material that will help you achieve the best results.

Of course, all this promotional material is also free for you. Is not that great? Already at the beginning, you have everything you need to go to work without having to put in a single lip! Do you know any more job that will enable you all of that?

be your own boss

4. Anyone can do this job!

Absolutely anyone can work affiliate marketing. There are no restrictions or barriers to getting started immediately as an affiliate marketer.

You do not need to have special knowledge and skills, you do not need to have a basic initial capital, you do not need to open a firm or craft, you do not need to have a warehouse for goods etc. The absolute beauty of this job is that also from any country we have absolutely equal chance of success in promoting an American product, just like a born American.

On the internet we are all equal, internet earning is not a term reserved exclusively for computer specialists. There is room for everybody, the key thing is that we have to work very hard to take a piece of your cake. Extreme perseverance is all we need, and this is why only a few people succeed in internet business.

5. Affiliate Marketer has no limit on earnings!

You can sign up as much as you want the affiliate network. Likewise, you can also sign up for promotion as far as affiliate programs are concerned and thus increase your earnings further. Take for example to promote a product from which you receive a $ 30 commission per sold item.

If you sell one product every other day, you will earn $ 450 a month. Calculate how much you earn if you manage to sell a product each day and how much you will earn if you promote 10 products and manage to sell only one copy of each product per day.

And that’s as much as possible, even more than that. However, I must point out that this is not easy to do. That is why my advice to all those who have just started or are about to start affiliate marketing is to start selecting only one promotional product. That’s way you have everything under control and you do not get lost. No need to be greedy, the best and safest is to go step by step.

6. There is no risk!

In affiliate marketing, even if you fail, you will not lose anything. Here, however, you must emphasize that you will have to invest something to get started. In the first place, this is the cost of a website and web hosting. This is quite a good start for you, and it will cost you about $ 300 a year, depending on the hosting provider and the hosting package you choose.

And with this website or blog, you get unlimited internet earning opportunities.

7. There is no fear of being fired

The most normal thing in this business is that you have no fear of being fired. The only person who can fired you is yourself. And you probably will not do that, do you? It all depends on you and your desire, aspiration, perseverance, abilities, and knowledge.

You can not do anything for a few months and you will not be fired. Still, I would not recommend it, for the simple reason that you will not be able to profit. It is necessary to work, work, work …

8. Very high commission

This is something we all love. Or at least the great majority of people on the planet. Affiliate marketing commissions are in the vast majority of cases at least 50% of the product’s price, and some go up to 75% !!! However, please note that these commissions relate to digital products that the customer can download to their computer immediately after the transaction is made. For physical commodity products, however, are considerably less, but yet high enough to motivate us to work.

If you work as an affiliate partner, for example, some of the travel agencies, you will not get nearly as high commissions, but only some 3-10%, depending on the agency. Do you see a huge difference in commission? What do you think is it worthwhile to promote a travel agency or e-book about weight loss?


9. Safe and fast payout

Another of the many benefits of affiliate marketing is safe and fast payout. Affiliate network through which I personally mostly work is Clickbank. They pay commissions even 2 times a month or every 15 days. A fantastic thing, is not it? You can receive payments by check or your Payoneer card. Every 15 days, you will receive a new check that you carry to the bank for verification and within 7-15 days that money will be placed on your foreign currency account. The minimum amount needed to pay is $ 10.

It is important to note that earnings accumulate and transfer from month to month. This means that if you do not reach the payout threshold in one month, the portion of your earnings will be transferred to the next month. Clickbank has one, many negative things, but I disagree with that thesis. That is, if you do not have a single sale for 3 months, Clickbank starts charging penalties.

These penalties initially amount to $ 1, and after another 2 months without a sale, “penalties” grow to $ 5 every 2 weeks. It is not at all a negative thing to me, on the contrary, just the opposite. Why? Well, because it motivates you to keep working and sell products, which is very good because it does not allow you to relax so much. So for those who want to work and make money on the internet, this can not be a negative thing.

Most affiliate networks pay out checks that you can easily cash in any bank, but there are other options like Western Union, a bank transfer or a very popular PayPal.

Basically, if you work with affiliate networks such as Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction, Paydot, be sure you will be paid.

10. Affiliate Marketing on Autopilot System

The autopilot system is the ultimate affiliate job. In essence, the final act is the sale of the product you promote, but setting up the autopilot system is a sign that you have succeeded in affiliate marketing business. Up to this point, you will need a lot of sweat, spend a lot of sleepless nights on the computer, scatter on thousands of websites, make a mistake a million times, etc.

But once you get to this point, you’re “on the horse”. Over time you will learn to work on a successful sales campaign and then your task will only multiply these successful campaigns by making sure everything is set up on an autopilot that will do the job for you. You will usually spend your time checking the computer for how much money you have earned.

So do not be surprised when you read on a website that webmasters are writing how they make money even while they are asleep because that is the absolute truth. Believe it or not, internet earning is also possible while you are sleeping on your own, or maybe someone else’s bed.

Instead, keep track of what and how they work and follow their methods.

Affiliate Marketing Can Be Your Business And Do It Today! All you have to do is decide that you want it.



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