Good day, dear readers. On this site we will discuss how to make money with affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are one of the most popular ways to earn online. Why? Because you need one or two clicks to earn a sum of about $ 50 or even $ 100.
Many blogs and web sites today use affiliate earnings as their main source of income. Of course, if you have a very popular blog then you have a bigger chance of earning it, but this method is extremely suitable for blogs with very little traffic.
Let’s look at how affiliate programs work.

affiliate program

There are many affiliate programs on the Internet. Affiliate programs are actually websites that offer you the opportunity to earn by promoting other products.
Let’s say you own a website and want to make money from it. But you just want to start earning real, big money, not some penny. Then affiliate programs are very suitable for you.

So, on your page, place the code in a well-visibly visible place that shows the image or image of a product, description, link, etc. If any of your readers clicks on an ad and buys (yes, and buys not just clicks) you get a very a large percentage of the product’s price. Sometimes it’s 30%, 50%, and can go up to 70%.

It is very important to say that you need to place ads on your page that are firmly linked to your blog or web site theme.
If you own a fashion blog and place an ad for buying electronics, then this does not make any sense because visitors who come to your site are interested in ways that none of them will buy electronics.
But if you put your blog on the fashion ad for new Gucci shoes, then many readers will click and probably buy.

Take for instance to advertise a product that is sold at a cost of $ 20 (about $ 100). Let’s just have 10% of your readers click on your affiliate program ad and buy the product and let’s get 30% of the product’s price each sale.
Then your number of visitors should not be high. 10 visitors a day is quite enough. 10% of 10 is 1. So one man clicks and buys you get 30% of $ 100  which is $ 30 . That way you can earn up to $ 900 a month every day.
Just imagine if you had 100 visitors a day. Hunting to the roof!

With affiliate programs, it is very important that you place ads that are closely related to the subject of your blog and have a good number of visitors.

Here we gonna learn how to:affiliate marketing

  • Build web site
  • Optimize site for search engines
  • Find good Affiliate program
  • How to get paid
  • ETC…


And that’s it. Good luck!

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