How to make money with ClickBank

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How to make money with ClickBank

ClickBank is the largest online market for digital products, all those products, and services that can be delivered digitally. These companies are involved in mediation between sellers, affiliate promoters and customers, and perform all the deals related to the collection and delivery of the purchased products and the payment affiliate commission.

ClickBank Publisher becomes a one-time $ 49.95 fee for setup account, which allows him to sell an unlimited number of digital products. Sellers do not have to worry about the billing and delivery system because ClickBank is charged by credit card and, after payment, automatically delivers the purchased product to the buyer.

But, ClickBank would never have been so popular that it was just about credit card processors and automatic delivery of digital products. Such systems and software are pretty, but none is in ClickBank’s rank. The power of ClickBank is in the affiliate program (what is affiliate) and is based on over 100,000 affiliate partners that promote products from ClickBank Marketplace.

Like we said at the beginning, ClickBank produces a digital type, the cost of retailers themselves is quite low, and it allows them to provide high commissions to their affiliate partners. Most of the products that can be found at ClickBank, affiliate promoters, allow a commission of 50% to 75% of the product price. Sellers are advised to give such a high commission because, as we have said, they do not have a high cost, and for example, $ 50 is left for $ 15-20 of pure profit.

On the other hand, so high commissions are attracted to affiliate promoters, because they allow them to earn very high profits without their own product, high-quality affiliate marketing.
Additionally, you do not have to worry about whether the salespeople themselves are trustworthy and whether they will be paid cash because billing and distribution of money between sellers and affiliates is done by ClickBank.

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How to Sign up In ClickBank marketplace

Your first step would be to create a ClickBank account. Start by clicking the gray button Create Account.

ClickBank sing-in

On the next page, you will be required to enter your Personal Information, Banking Information and Account Information.  

ClickBank sing-in

After you enter all information you will receive verification email. Click on link to verify your account.

ClickBank verification mail

Now you can Log In by entering your ID and password, and click on the login button and your account will be logged.

ClickBank sing-in

That’s it.

Selection of products in ClickBank marketplace

Now when we have created account and logged in we can choose niche and select a product from the categories that are available on ClickBank marketplace. Click on link Marketplace on the menu at the top.

ClickBank marketplace

You will then be taken to this page where on the left you will see the categories where you can choose product to promote.

ClickBank marketplace


You can use the search box to search for your product, or you can select from categories.

You can also go through Clickbank’s guidelines  Using the Marketplace and be sure to check out their “Knowledge Base if you are new to affiliate marketing.

From the Categories select your niche subject area. I will select the HEALTH & FITNESS niche. By clicking on the category you will see subcategories to help you get very specific about your niche.

When you have selected your niche, you need to look few metrics on the product menu to help you find those products that sell well.

ClickBank metrics

– Gravity

Low Gravity, means people are not interested in that product and High Gravity, it means people are interested in that product. Simple. If you are beginner, only consider the high gravity products. I usually look for products where the gravity score is between 50 and 100. A very high gravity score such as that over 100 means that the product converts very well but it is also competitive. However, the gravity under 20 is a bad idea to promote. In this example, Gravity is 76.42 what is ideal for promotion.

– Price

If you are beginner choose product with price under $100. Not only it will be easier to sell but it will motivate you to for further sales. Products having $500 seems a lot more profit but at the same time, they are much harder to promote.

– Avg%/Sale

It tells you how much you will receive when your product is sold. For an example, the selling price is $40.55 and the average percentage that you will receive is 73% of the selling price which is $29.60. It is your decision if this is a good commission for you.

Now lets create affiliate link. Just click PROMOTE  and Clickbank will ask you to enter your Clickbank username and your Unique Tracking ID.

ClickBank hoplink

Then click on the Create Button. Clickbank will create a unique Affiliate Link to Promote the product. It is called ClickBank hoplink.

ClickBank hop-link

Now it’s time to promote our product.

Next post will be How To Promote ClickBank Products

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