Tips for Creating Micro Niche Affiliate Site

Micro Niche Affiliate Site

What Is Micro Niche Affiliate Site?

Micro Niche Affiliate Website is usually a site that does not contain too much content (posts) and is based on a narrow area of some broad topic. Niche (themed) pages can be very profitable if they are designed and monetized in the right way.

E.g. if you are an animal lover, you know a lot about it and want to monetize that niche site creation is the right solution for you. Niche topic in the category of “animal” must be extremely specific and precise, so if you are interested in this topic, make a web site about the area in which you are best addressed. E.g. Dogs training.

As you can see from the millions of animals that exist in the world, we have chosen just one to pay full attention to. All content on our site must be exclusively about Dogs.

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The ideal number of posts on niche pages really varies with how popular the topic is and what the competition is. If you create a website that has no competition, 10 posts will be enough to win first place on google search. The first place is sure to bring you a lot of profit.

However, if you make a niche site that is very competitive, then the ideal number of quality posts would go from 30 to 100.

Below I will give you a few quick tips on how to make a profitable niche website.

Select the appropriate theme for your Micro Niche Affiliate Site

This is the first important step in creating this type of page because the area is very narrow, so you don’t have much room for discussion or off-topic considerations.

Choosing a topic should be based on the following factors:

  • Your knowledge of the subject! This must be the number one factor! If you know in detail the material that you will be processed through the posts, creating this kind of webpage will be very simple and easy for you. However, if you choose a particular topic just because it is popular and profitable, failure is almost guaranteed. So the first factor must be your knowledge!
  • People are interested in your topic. If you have knowledge of something but are not interested in other people, you really won’t exist much by basing your niche website on that knowledge. E.g. i will take my black lighter which is on my desk (yes it is) and I will use it as the theme of my niche website. I’ll call it Although the topic is as precise as possible and I have the full knowledge of it, with such a site I will not earn a penny. Because who really will ever have any special interest in my black lighter.
  • There are adequate products related to your topic that you can recommend and earn a commission. With my black lighter, I have nothing to recommend to others. Apart from maybe a tutorial on how to make it better than it is, stops smoking, how to fill gas, etc.

Write quality articles

In every post, I repeat this thing. The quality of content on your web pages is the best recipe for success. This is why choosing a topic is crucial. Having knowledge of something will make it much easier for you to write “killer” top articles. Of course, again I repeat the length is important, extremely important! So try your best in every article, whether it is on a niche page or a “long-term” page always exceeds 1000 words!

If you write articles containing 200-300 words and you throw affiliate links on such an article, I guarantee you that you will not earn a penny (if you get traffic to such articles at all).

So, writing long, quality articles with some affiliate promotional links promise you pretty good profits!


Mask your niche page

This is also a very important factor, which is worth paying a lot of attention to! Design your niche page so that when a reader opens your valuable article, they do not realize that it is a niche affiliate site.

The ratio of real, quality and authentic content with promotional links should be in the ratio of 70 to 30 (minimum).

For ease of understanding, I will give one simple example. I mentioned above Dog’s training. Ok, let’s make a niche website about Dog’s training.

What is the first thing you must own is the Dog himself. Buy one. Borrow from a friend for a few days or find another way to spend some time with him. Why does it matter? It is important that in this way you will gain some knowledge, basic, basic, that will serve you to ask questions:

How much does one dog eat? What’s his favorite food? How much sleep? How to care for his hair? How to prevent flea or tick attacks? How to have fun with the dog? You’ve already got great ideas for six super quality niche articles.

When you answer these questions, a new one will pop up. Find answers empirically (by hanging out with another dog) or find some books or other online articles. Write the answers to these questions as well.

This way you will have a great niche site in a very short period of time, which will be full of original content – Google likes it – people love it.

Also, what matters is that you take a few photos of yourself with that same dog. These photos will confirm your authenticity and will give you trust both from the people and from Mr. Google.

Only when you have done all of the above, when you “elaborate” on your sweetheart friend, only then can you find a product that you think is worth promoting. E.g. dog toys, shampoo, leash, etc. You can find all the products listed on Amazon, eBay or Clickbank. (How to make money with ClickBank)

When you find specific products, do not let the visitors know that your goal is to sell these products, but rather, by the way, you say, “My dog adores this bone-shaped toy,” I bought it very cheap on amazon. Check out the current price and paste your affiliate link.

That is. Good luck!


In this article, I have 1040 words and 6 affiliate links.

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