What Is Dropshipping And How To Make Money Selling Online?

What Is Dropshipping? Interested in getting a passive income? How To Make Money From Your Home To Clients From All Over The World? Want to know what dropshipping is and what it takes to have a quality dropshipping business?

What Is Dropshipping

What Is Dropshipping?

It is a method of profit that has become very popular in recent years in the world. Experienced dropshipping masters make a big profit in selling a variety of products, all from the comfort of their own home.

Dropshipping is a term that is increasingly encountered when talking about online earnings. Despite this, people know very little about this method of earning money.

You have an online store that you promote through social networks. Customers are from all parts of the world, and product manufacturers are most often in China. When someone buys a product from you, you order it from a supplier from China, and it sends it directly to your customer. You have never even touched what you are selling and the profits are already in your account. This is the most theoretical explanation for dropshipping.

You have your own online shop where you sell various things or just one thing.
You are not the manufacturer of the goods, nor do you have any of those goods in stock. You never physically touch the goods you sell.
You are only marketing – bringing people to the site, conversion optimization, Facebook pixel, etc.
The goods and storage are available to someone else (usually in China, but can local). The manufacturer engages in the production and receives orders from you, which he packs and sends to people who have ordered from you.
At first glance, it acts as a kind of ‘resale of goods’, but it’s not – this is infinitely more sophisticated and even allows you to grow your own global brand, a thing that wasn’t easily possible until recently.

When I looked at all these aspects, I realized that dropshipping is a phenomenal business model that can succeed.


How to get started with dropshipping?

After we learned how dropshipping works, it all seems a bit complicated. There is something to know about web stores, products, the market, marketing, etc. You can get into this business without any previous experience. So the question is, what does one need to know about a dropshipping business?

“For starters, you do not need too much experience, but the will to learn and work is necessary. There are a number of tutorials and texts on the Internet that can help you get started. Get well informed about everything and then embark on an adventure.

The question of how much money is needed in a startup is a relative thing. The more money you invest in advertising, the sooner you will get results. But with a smaller budget, you can produce solid results. It all depends on the product and the target group.

In any case, the money given into these types of businesses is not money spent but invested. You get a lot of experience in all this, and you can later apply that experience to other forms of business.

As far as suppliers are concerned, AliExpress is most used – because of the variety of products, but also because of the price of the product. There are plenty of extensions and programs that allow you to easily bring AliExpress products to your webshop. One of them is Dropified.

Knowledge of English is required, as are more advanced computer skills, and everything else can be learned very quickly. The will and desire to succeed are most needed, and if you have that, you will find a way to learn the rest. ”

learnig about dropshiping

How to open your own webshop?

Now that we have mastered the theory, it is time to address some of the real-life aspects of dropshipping. The backbone of the dropshipping is to open your own web store, which you will later advertise and sell products through.

“In my experience, it’s best to go through the Shopify platform, so I recommend that you build your own webshop on it. Through the Shopify platform, you also have plenty of apps that can help you get started selling products as quickly as possible. Also, you can build a webshop with WordPress using the Woocommerce plugin.

Payment options are mainly PayPal and some of the card payment systems (2checkout or Stripe).

When someone orders a product for you, that is, buys from you, you then go to AliExpress and buy that product and put the shipping address from your customer. You can also automate this through Dropified, or you can have the program automatically order that product from you on AliExpress.

When you come to do it all automatically, then it is up to you to analyze new products and do marketing only. ”

dropshiping webshop

Which products are most profitable to sell?

The world of online sales has some legalities. It is clear that people buy some products online more often, and some less frequently. We were wondering what are the products that work best with customers?

“As for the product – there are no rules. It all depends on your art of marketing, that is, your art of presenting an interesting product to the right audience. But it is good to be based on passionate products, products that people need, products that can help people with something, and yet these products are not available for sale, that is, they cannot be found on every corner.

Pet products (toys, wardrobe), kitchen gadgets, and things to help with fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities go well.

For starters, it is best to have a general store, a comprehensive type store, where you can test various niches. When you see that you have several products from the same niche that are selling well then you can build a specialized webshop just for that niche, ”.

passionate products

How to Attract New Customers to Your WebShop?

We already mentioned several times that dropshipping is a business based on quality marketing. So marketing is the backbone of everything and it depends on how much success a particular webshop will gain.

“I personally only use Facebook as a means of advertising. I want to master Facebook advertising first and then switch to other advertising.

It is important for the product you want to advertise to make a good image or video. Video is a better solution because of remarketing.

Then upload the prepared video to your Facebook page and then advertise the post. You have multiple types of advertising and all of these types are monitored by your Facebook pixel.

For the duration of the advertisement, you keep track of the statistics and decide whether or not to leave the advertisement alive or shut it down. Based on statistics, you determine the next steps in advertising. There are no specific rules here, as not every advertisement works. That is why it is important to test as many options as possible until you come to the right one. ”

How Much Can You Make From Dropshipping?

The profit from a dropshipping business comes from the difference in price between the product the buyer orders and the price that must be paid to the supplier. Therefore, it is necessary to be wise and to determine how much profit you want to have, without at too high a price to drive away the buyer. The question is: how do you determine the ‘fair’ price of a product while making money?

“You determine the price of the product yourself, but you also have to look at the competition prices. It is not desirable to be much more expensive or much cheaper than the competition, and again you need to calculate both the marketing and the purchase price of the product. It goes for $ 12-20 on AliExpress.

Investing in marketing can give immediate results, but it happens very rarely. It takes some time to tackle the whole system and understand how it all works together. Net profit, in reality, comes much later.

It should be noted that dropshipping is not a business where big profits and profits can be made overnight. It takes a lot of learning, giving up and working, but surely this is more profitable than most other businesses, ”.

Make something for yourself. It doesn’t matter where you are from, how small you come from, in dropshipping you have the whole world in front of you. The whole world is your market.

Prepare yourself for success and go ahead. You are much more likely to become successful than to fail.

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