What is hosting?

what is hosting

Web hosting is a service provided by specialized companies, which allows your presentation to be visible on the Internet. To recall the publication of a web presentation, 2 conditions are necessary. One is to register a domain, and the other to lease a web hosting service with the service provider. If we can use analogy, the domain represents your home address, and web hosting is the lease of the apartment or the house where you are located. In other words, the cost of web hosting is the rent that you pay to the owner of the resource that publicly serves your site. You can read more about domains here, and it remains to give us a more detailed answer to the question of hosting.

If you’ve been wondering what hosting is for a long time, here’s the answer
If we continue with the previous comparison in which the domain for the site is the same as the address for a physical person, hosting was then the most elegant concept of an apartment in a building. Each hosting company has its own or rented servers (machines) that ensure that websites are continuously displayed to visitors. They actually host sites on the Internet – this is called hosting. There may be a large number of sites on one web server. This, of course, has its price.

Prices of hosting services

In addition to what is hosting, the potential user is important and how much it costs in practice. Depending on the quality of this service, the price may vary from a few hundred dinars to several tens of thousands of dinars a month. There are even models of services that are free. However, in this case, count that you will sacrifice the professionalism of your presentation. Such a hosting solution will include a generic domain name assigned, a slow response to the printout of a site’s content, and a portion of the space on the browser screen will be filled with other advertisements. This does not entice people to come to such a website. That’s why everyone who has a serious company needs to allocate a certain amount of money for hosting services.

What is hosting and types of hosting services

Let’s go back to the analogy from the beginning where the hosting is compared with the apartment in the building. Agencies or hosting providers have one soliter, and large providers have municipalities or cities. Thus, we can roughly share the hosting company in small and large. Small hosting providers are focused on the local market, the low cost of service and a large number of users per server unit. Large providers are, on the other hand, focused on large users, virtualization of hardware, scalability and geo redundancy of services (servers are located in multiple locations around the globe).

However, when talking about web hosting, we can identify three types of services

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS
  • Dedicate Hosting

hostingShared hosting

Shared Hosting is a type of service in which you use a shared “final resource” service provider. In the price category this type of service is at the bottom of the scale and is the most common choice for hosting simple websites or popular CMS (Content Management System) solutions such as WordPress.

The advantage of this service is the price and ease of use for the user. Often with this service you also get access to the Control Panel application that further simplifies domain administration, FTP and Email accounts, MySql databases, scripts for the automatic installation of popular CMS solutions, file managers and other system settings.

Shared Hosting package leaks are a slower response to page processing, limited speed and data transfer capacity, disk speed, and the sharing of processor power of servers with other users on the same hardware. Due to the way you configure the server, you are also limited to using older versions of PHP and MySql, which does not have to be minus unless you want to use edge technologies.

If you opt for this type of service, the choice in the domestic market is high and it is certainly not easy to opt for the right provider.

Best shared hosting companies:

VPS or Virtual Private Server

VPS or Virtual Private Server is the next step and a more advanced solution in hosting provider services. This mode of service envisions leasing virtual resources to your service provider. Virtualization is a software tool that networks the servers into data centers of your service providers into smaller virtual servers in order to provide the minimum guaranteed resource for the package you have selected.

The benefits of this system are defined by hardware resources such as processor speed, hard drive size, memory and network flow, installed operating and application software on the server, however, to run web pages on such servers, additional knowledge in server administration is required (Linux or Windows). This type of service or hosting is becoming more and more popular, and the possibilities of expanding resources are great, so it is popular with developers and the programming community because nothing can stop you when it comes to choosing the tools to implement your projects.

We will note that the availability of these services is 24h / 7, and that no engagement is required by the service providers, so that VPS can be provided at will at any time of the night and start in your project. Payment methods are mostly payment cards and you can pay for service monthly or annually at a slightly lower price.

These services can be used completely free for a promotional period of 30 to 60 days, and some of the most famous VPS providers are:

It’s enough to register on these links and you will receive loans of at least $ 10, which is enough to test this service and if you are satisfied with it, you can continue to use it unhindered.

Dedicate Hosting

Dedicate Hosting or the assigned server resource is the type of service where you rent a hardware resource that is located within the hosting center. This type of hosting is specific, it can be with or without maintenance of the system. The advantages of such a system are a strong hardware resource with a strong internet flow provided by the provider. It is ideal for managing highly demanding business applications, and the data is partially publicly available and is considered as safe for business. In this case, therefore, you have leased resources that you do not share with others, you define what hardware and software are placed on the server, how they are connected to the network, and what information you want to share on the Internet. It is extremely complex and is intended exclusively for users who have adequate staff to start and maintain such a service.

Cloud Platforms

Today, the Internet is evolving at the rate that major IT companies have developed a new type of service called a cloud service. From the server room from the example of a shared hosting company, data center or centers with VPS services, in the cloud platform we are talking about gigantic clusters of servers located in geo-positioned data centers spread across all continents and connected extremely fast optical connections. The leading providers of this service are Microsoft, Amazon and Google. They provide very complex service packages that cover the needs of small, medium and enterprise users. The business world is increasingly recognizing the quality and price of this service, so for the sake of saving today, he moves his business from his own data centers partially or completely moving into the cloud. This type of platform is extremely complex for tuning and maintenance. It is designed for complex systems that have the need for rapid scaling of resources, geo-redundancy and speed.

Here we will definitely not run a small site, but besides, we can completely test the systems for some promotional period. The collection of these service systems is not fixed as in the case of shared hosting or VPS platforms. The mode of invoicing the service is complex and is done through the resource allocation matrix that you want to use on the platform.

cloudflareAlso we have Cloudfare and we will use their free services on our web site. Cloudflare speeds up and protects millions of websites, APIs, SaaS services, and other properties connected to the Internet. Their Anycast technology enables our benefits to scale with every server we add to our growing footprint of data centers.

How is the hosting service paid?

Hosting services can be paid monthly, but prices are optimized for annual payments. As with many subscription models, it is more worth paying for one year in advance. If you need advice on choosing a package that best suits your needs, feel free to contact us. We hope that we have managed to clarify the dilemmas about hosting and what types of hosting exist.

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