What is wordpress?


WordPress is one of the most popular web site development tools. Based on data published at the end of March 2017, this CMS (Content Management System) is used by more than 27% of all sites. The reason for this is partly in a large and loyal community of users, many of whom are also developers who are constantly working on improving features and possibilities of WordPress itself, as well as WordPress themes, plugins …

Once used exclusively for writing blogs, this fantastic CMS is now used for almost all types of sites. Because of its popularity, most hosting companies support the famous “Install WordPress in a few clicks,” knowing that a large number of clients use this particular CMS.

One of the greatest benefits of WordPress is its user friendliness, which allows clients to continue to maintain their site (without having to learn to encode) after they pass simple training or with the help of a manual.

It is considered the most successful CMS platform in the world and holds throne in this field with over 50% participation. Popular sites that run this platform include: New York Observer, New York Post, TED, Thought Catalog, Williams, USA Today, CNN, Fortune.com, TIME.com, National Post, Spotify, TechCrunch, CBS Local, NBC.

Advantages of wordpress:

It’s free. With all its add-ons, WordPress is fully available for download.

An open code means that it was made by ordinary people, combining their knowledge. This means that you can add your own knowledge to that formula yourself and improve WordPress yourself. WordPress is being developed, maintained and promoted by people who love it!

He’s powerful. It’s very flexible. While offering a number of advanced features, its usability can be enhanced by using plug-ins, which it has today to annoy. Also, you can change HTML and CSS at any time at your convenience.

It’s simple. Although it includes a number of advanced features, WordPress allows you to add content and manage your site in a very simple way. Each option speaks for itself, and the interface is easy to operate.

It’s active. Since WordPress is the right one for those who use it, it is updated regularly, and new versions bring a safer and more stable WordPress.

It’s expanding. We’ve already mentioned plugins, these are code parts that you can easily add to your WordPress to enable additional functionality. There is also a huge database with WordPress themes. It’s a design solution that will meet everyone’s needs.

History of WordPress

History Of WordPressFor the first time launched as a blog project, WP is launching its stunning success in mid-2003. It is developed as a Open Source project based on a platform and launched by young entrepreneurs named Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Because of its ease of use, this platform is widely accepted, and the open source community is actively involved in its further development at the very beginning.

WordPress is a hierarchical template system for displaying pages. WordPress is said to be SEO friendly, and behind it stands a complex code architecture where one type of dispatcher (router) with the help of the front controller cares that permalink permalink and serves a particular page. The second part of WordPress is based on event-driven events. This part is particularly important! hierarchy

For future developers, you only need two files to create a new topic. If it’s so simple, feel free to try to make a theme. If you want to continue with development, be sure to look at the hierarchy of the templates on the following link.

What makes it special is still a large database of ready-made themes and plugins. There are free and paid themes (paid themes). In the case of plugins, the situation is similar, and according to project requirements, you can opt for one of these 2 variants or eventually write your own themes and add-ons yourself.

wordpress themesWordPress themes

We mentioned that the power of WordPress lies in ease of use, but also a large selection of ready-made themes and supplements. The installation is simple, performed in the administrative console by downloading from wordpress.org or by downloading the purchased topic in zip format or finally by transferring the file via FTP to your public directory. The number of topics you will have on your blog / presentation site is not limited and you can freely change them at any time.

At the official presentation of wordpress.org, there are currently over 4000 free topics, and over 10,000 paid topics are on the commercial market in circulation. The choice is so great that almost every business niche is covered, and the favorite among customers is “multipurpose” themes that can fit almost every business profile. How popular is WP is the fact that only the top 10 topics have been sold in more than a million copies, of course, we are talking about multi-purpose topics.

WordPress theme (themes) is a set of HTML page templates, and CSS styles for layout layouts. The template pages over the loop define the printing of elements that are stored in the WordPress database, and the styles define the layout of the printout.

You can buy themes on Themeforest

WordPress plugins

While the topics are concerned with printing data from the database and the layout of the pages we see in our brochures, the additions take care of extending the functionality of WordPress itself. Only the core of the platform is designed to be as short as possible in order to achieve flexibility and speed. On the other hand, the add-ons allow you to access functionality that is not originally in the core or specifically according to user requirements.

Regarding the repository of supplements, the official presentation of wordpress.org counts over 49,000 free or freemium plagins with over 1,500,000,000 downloads. The number of paid plugins ranges around 6000 with an average price of about $ 15. And here is the case as with the themes, there are for every possible functionality.

wordpress plugins

If you do not know how to create a site in WordPress, we will guide you through the process of making the site step by step.

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